About Counselling

The difference between counselling and psychotherapy is not an easy explanation however on basic terms, counselling generally takes place over a short period, usually a matter of weeks, and will be focused on a specific problem you feel you need support around. You find many counsellors working in the talking therapies and will look at thoughts and feelings, behaviours it is often the first port of call when you are finding life challenging.

Psychotherapy takes place over a longer period, usually several months and can be for a range of problems you may feel you are experiencing, it is usually a more in-depth form of therapy by supporting you to explore and express feelings that may be impacting your life.

This leads me to what I imagine you might be thinking, what is a psychotherapeutic counsellor?
As a qualified Psychotherapeutic counsellor, I trained for three years and covered many different types of therapy, this would be known as Integrative Psychotherapy but as most Psychotherapy training course are over a 4 year period I cannot call myself a psychotherapist, However, I have learned many of the theories and technics of a psychotherapist and attained an advance diploma which is equivalent to an under graduate degree, in addition I have learned to work as a counsellor, so I can offer the benefit of being able to work for both short term focused work and over a longer periods of time like Psychotherapy.

Essentially whether you choose to have counselling or psychotherapy you should always feel that the work is supporting you and offering you a benefit.
It takes place in a confidential setting where it feels safe enough to talk about a difficulty, pain or confusion in a way which is not possible with family or friends.