Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If the following dores not answer your question, please feel free to contact me for further clarification.

Will a Counsellor tell me how to solve my problems and talk about things I’d rather not?
No, the counsellor will help you explore different ways of dealing with a situation, but the choice of whether or not you do anything about it is yours.
You will be encouraged to talk about many aspects of your life, and to express your feelings, but your wish not to discuss a particular matter will always be respected.
How Long will the Counselling last?

After an initial appointment, which gives you a chance to meet with a counsellor and briefly tell your story, you will be offered more sessions. Each session usually lasts for one hour.
Counselling may not offer an immediate solution to long term and often painful problems.  As the sessions progresses we can perdiodically reflect on the need to continue therapy or bring it to a close.


What should I do if I cannot make an appointment?
Contact your counsellor as soon as you know you cannot make the appointment. Arrangements can then be made to make another appointment.
I require at least 24 hours notice for any appointment cancellation.
What should I do if I feel better and don’t want to see a Counsellor again?
Please discuss bringing therapy to an end with your counsellor.
How much will Counselling Cost?
Fees will be discussed when you arrange your first session and explained in further detail as part of the agreement. Guidance on fees are provided here.
How do I apply for Counselling?
Please complete the enquiry form on the contact page, send me an email or you can contact me on 07872 335488
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